Welcome to Unscripted

Ever so often, we’re able to take the time out and experience one another’s cultures and ways of living. While most things are clearly different, there is one thing that seems to remain the same and that is our instinctive nature to connect with one another. Sometimes it’s automatic other times there are moments leading up to it. Over the years all I ever cared about and focused on, was the destination, where I would end up, who I would be with, and at what point I would get there. I never really took the time to enjoy the journey and that was my biggest mistake and fear. Fearing that I would be missing out on all the beauty life had to offer, mistaking the importance of the destination and not truly understanding the journey that would take me to that particular point.

While I haven’t yet reached my destination, I can truly say that I have begun to enjoy the journey that life is taking me on. The journey that will eventually take me to my destination. This journey will be private sometimes because not everything can be shared, but for the most part, it will be shared….I hope to open a new window of engagement and a new outlook on the things that come our way.