Temp social media break….

Like the title says, I am taking a MUCH NEEDED BREAK from social media. Now, I tend to this every couple of months because I just get tired of it, so I deactivate all my platforms and just take a break from it all. I did this when I got back home from Ireland last December, I started getting back into my old habit of just spending all my free time on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook, there was just not much else for me to do. I’m done with school and I was really home for about a week or so before I started work again so that just put me in the situation of being lazy and not wanting to do anything at all. Now, I’m working and although I’m writing personally in my journal, I’m not creating any kind of content for my platform.

But, I also noticed that I started to just focus on other people and what they were doing as opposed to just staying focused on myself and my goals that I had set for myself. I needed to get away from that, and this break is exactly what I needed to get back on track with everything. So like I said, deleting the apps wasn’t enough I needed to deactivate them to re-focus. Granted I’m still tempted to just sign back in, but I feel that since I’m risking reactivation and losing focus then I won’t do it. Since deactivating, I’ve found myself creating more (personally) just writing more and making decisions that aren’t socially inspired by people I don’t even know.

Social Media truly is dangerous sometimes, especially when you’re not where you want to be, or where you expect yourself to be. Granted there are many people like that out there, but I saw myself becoming that person. The person that started paying attention to what others had, as opposed to focusing on what I have myself. I started losing sight of all the blessings in my life and those that will probably come my way. I mean the good things that are happening in MY life are some that I never even dreamed of, and to know that I lose sight of that sometimes is disheartening. I know social media isn’t all that bad, but I think as someone who tends to get too involved and too attached to things, I lose sight of the things that matter and end up putting myself down because I don’t have the things I imagined for myself, yet.

Now some people may interpret that feeling as envy, but it isn’t. It’s the feeling of knowing you’re working your ass for something but you’re not able to attain it yet, it’s sort of my moments of weakness. But you know what, after a while, I started looking at those people like they got to where they are by working hard and focusing (hopefully). Also, please be reminded that I’m not talking about your typical “social media celeb” (nothing against them) but they just aren’t. You’re looking at the people who started a business, wrote books, travel the world (because that’s their passion, not just a media gimmick to get paid) just doing the things they love and accomplishing their dreams and goals.

I know you’re probably going back and forth wondering how most of this ties into my social media break, but taking a break and allowing myself to focus on me and not everyone else is good. You may have social media to stay in contact with new and old friends, but those new and old friends must surely have your number, text or call them for once. I’m the person who for some reason is always talking to people on Snapchat, Instagram, twitter, you name it, but will rarely text or call because it’s so much more convenient sometimes. I also dislike talking on the phone, but once in a while when someone decides to call or vice versa, I try and keep a conversation. Sometimes a call or a text is needed, don’t just have social media friends, convert them to real life friends, it’s something I’ve been trying to do. Seriously though, we complain when our friends are so responsive on social media, but bitch when they don’t answer a text or a phone call. It’s our way of utilizing convenience and whether you want to admit it or not, you do the same exact thing.

Social media breaks are needed. You may not need to go the same route as I did, but just stay off it for a day and see if anything changes, you may be surprised at how feel afterward, you might not.

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